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Felix Rippy and Tips to Run Further by Slowing Your Pace

Felix Rippy

Felix Rippy not only worked as the founding attorney for Rippy Law Firm from 1994 to 2015, but he also managed to win, at age 51, the Central Texas Road Racing Championship overall title. A Mason, Texas-based family law firm, Rippy Law Firm had the most family law cases in the history of Williamson County, where Mason is located. In his free time, Felix Rippy is a long-distance runner and has run many races for charity.

While speed like Felix Rippy's may be crucial for shorter runs or races (the Centex Championship is all 5k and 10k races), when it comes to long distance running, the best speed is whichever one allows you to cross the finish line. Where running for fitness may be a speed game, running for distance is a pacing game. In fact, even walking burns the same calories as running over the same just takes longer.

Felix Rippy notes that it may seem counterintuitive for runners used to shorter distances, but marathon runner Deena Kastor advises distance runners to run at a pace slow enough to have a conversation. As such, you should measure your run by the distance instead of by time, since the goal is not to finish quickly, but to finish, period.
Felix Rippy's trick to find your ideal training pace, time yourself running a mile at your fastest. Take that time and add about two to three minutes to it, which leaves you with enough speed but also helps ensure you do not overextend yourself and get exhausted too early. Felix Rippy has finished second OVERALL three times in road races in 2017 alone, and Felix Ripyp has run more 5k races for charity than anyone living in Indianapolis.

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